Genfärd strives to tell unique stories through design and choice of materials. 


The process behind Gäst

The molded tabletop for Gäst Coffee Table is handmade in Denmark. The process is inspired by the old craftmanship of making terrazzo.

For Gäst Coffee Table the technique is used as a way of reusing old bricks from danish, demolished buildings and leftover materials from local stonemasons. The stone-pieces become the aesthetic details revealing the beauty in leftover materials.

The stone-pieces are carefully chosen and placed in a form after which they are covered with concrete mixed by cement, sand, and water. As finish treatment the mouldings are coated with natural beeswax to seal the tabletop.  

story about the bricks

The danish company, Genbrugssten, collects old bricks from demolished buildings and clean them eco-friendly, so they can be reused in new projects.

Even though the bricks are old, they still have so much potential. Time, weather, and place have awarded the bricks with a raw aesthetic and many years of history, which makes every single one of them a unique storyteller.


By cleaning bricks from demolished buildings in North Jutland, we keep the stones in local circulation. Thereby the environment is saved from the energy load of burning new bricks.

2000 recycled bricks save the environment 1 ton of CO2. 


Find out more about Genbrugssten here.

Story about the stones

The pieces of granite and marble are leftover materials from Filip’s Sten & Billedhuggeri in Horsens. It is a place filled with patience and deep passion for craftmanship and high quality.

The stone material used at Filip’s Sten & Billedhuggeri is primary from the northern countries Norway and Sweden to avoid stones produced by child labor in China and India.


“We do not just want to be proud of the product, but also the process of getting there”

– Rune Lynggaard, stonemason at Filip’s Sten og Billedhuggeri

Read more about the inspiring universe of the stonemasons here.

The table frame

The design of the table frame allows the product to flatpack and easily be assembled and disassembled for repairment or recycling. It is made in recyclable, brushed, stainless steel.

The table frame is produced by the danish manufacturer Stål & Form. The modern workshop in Odder is characterized by creative solutions, high quality and sense for detail, function and aesthetics. 


” Metal has a stunning variety of finishes and qualities, that bring life to designs and have them last for generations. “

– Stål & Form

Read more about the innovative and enthusiastic  team behind Stål & Form here.  

About the cork

The molded tabletop rests on a cork underlay, which is a pure, natural material that is recyclable and degradable. The material is produced in Portugal by JPS Cork Group and acquired through the danish company PortoCork.