A b o u t  Gäst Coffee Table

Gäst coffee table is designed to enter Genfärds circular business model. The design focus on high quality in craftmanship, longevity, disassembly, and recycling.

The handmade tiles are moulded using leftover materials from danish stone manufactures. Each tile become a unique piece, telling stories about their past by using the leftover stone pieces as aesthetic details. The pieces include bricks from demolished buildings and stones like granite and marble form production of stone sculptures.

A b o u t  T h e  F r a m e

The design of the table frame allows the product to flatpack and easily be assembled and disassembled for repairment or recycling. It is made in recyclable, brushed, stainless steel. The design also makes it possible to use two different tabletops for the same table frame, which makes the product adaptable. It is therefore also possible to use the same spare parts for the two tables.

The molded tabletop rests on a cork underlay, which is a pure, natural material that is recyclable and degradable.