Bugt Lounge Chair


The name “Bugt” refers to the inspiration of the Danish coastline.

Meaning: Water area that forms a curved incision in a coast // Shape into a curve or angle

Bugt Lounge Chair is upholstered using loose eelgrass harvested in Denmark. Eelgrass is a biodegradable, CO2-storing material. The natural material imbues the chair with warmth and tactility, which stimulates the human senses.

The design focuses on longevity in aesthetics, materials, and construction, allowing the chair to disassemble for repairment and recycling.

Imitating the organic shapes of the ocean two metal tubes are bended in soft, curved lines creating the two sides of the chair. The design of the frame allows the product to flatpack and easily be assembled and disassembled for repairment or recycling.

The cushion of the chair is divided in multiple sections, each room containing an inner pillow filled with eelgrass.

The design allows you to refill the inner pillows with eelgrass  over time. The old eelgrass is biodegradable and can be used in your garden for growing vegetables.


INNER PILLOWS: Made of discarded pillowcases from the danish healthcare industry 

FABRIC: Re-wool from Kvadrat, 45% recycled wool, 45% new wool and 10% nylon.

WEBBING: 100% Flax