“Impassioned by creating and exploring new ways, I strive to tell unique stories through functional, aesthetic design and choice of materials. I established Genfärd as my way of contributing to a more circular consumption within the furniture and lifestyle industry”  

Genfärd is a newly established design studio, founded by Camilla Holm Pallesen.




Today we as consumers have the final responsibility regarding products sustainable potential – with that in mind Genfärd strives to support the act of returning old products in a sustainable cycle.

To do so circularity and sustainability are naturally integrated parts of the design process.

Based on the curiosity of exploring the potential in leftover materials, the concept of Genfärd Design Studio started with the idea of using cut-offs from local stonemasons and integrate the material in a design capable of interring a circular business model. The idea evolved into Gäst Coffee Tables.

By using design as a tool to enhance the aesthetics in left-over materials, the curious and experimental approach to design is a key value for Genfärd together with a deep respect for quality, local craftmanship and honest design.